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Storax Tree Dazzle May

Storax Tree has a booth at the Dazzle presenting a high quality range of Vagabond furniture. Let's see how would Kitty decorate her little tree house with these furniture!

There are so many items Kitty did not even know where to starts. From the twisted floor lamp which had a unique design to the trunk which doubles as a table. There is also a trunk where kitty might keep some secret inside, but the primary aim is to use it as a side table if the smaller one with the lamp is not enough on the left. There is a cute shelf behind where you can display your cute plants inside a pair of giraffe shaped vase. Lastly, even the windows with a pair of flask and books is from the Vagabond series. What is holding them up.. Hmmp, it has to be magic!

If you think you have seen it all, there are more from the Vagabond series from Storax Tree! An alternative version of the trunk table as well as the solid treasure trunk is seen here, with a giraffe candle stand on it. The sofa itself is comfortable and comes with a series of poses and animations. There is a wall decoration as well, featuring pictures of lots of ancient keys. Kitty wondered if that means something, it got to be a treasure map or something. Wait, you mean there are 3 version of the decoration? Kitty better check all of them out then!

Last but not least, there is a fantastic bird cage with plants, but of course you have to get your own birds, but hte plants are included and it is perfect for the tree house or anyone who doesn't mind some fresh oxygen during the night. An alternative version of the small table with lamp is shown here as well.

Does that trigger the home desinger in you? It's time to check out Storax Tree's booth at Dazzle for all these amazing furnitures:

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