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Petit Chat Sea Melody Headset

The Sea Melody is a beautiful piece of headphone from Petit Chat for the May round of The Secret Garden event. It comes with a texture HUD which give you lots of color options for the various parts of this adorable headset shaped like a pair of seashells.

There is nothing like a nice sunny day to chill by the sea and enjoy the breeze and some music with the Sea Melody. For kitty, it doubles as a hair clip for her long hair too.

The Headset is easily adjustable to your comfort and should fit most hairs and styles. As mentioned there are lots of color to choose from, you can practically change it according to your mood.

This is the HUD which you can change the parts of the headset. That is like 24 different combinations possible for the Sea Melody!

Everyone needs a good headphone, maybe it would be the Sea Melody for you. 
The Secret Garden is a hunt event where there are 10 unique items for the price of a one-time fee for the HUD at $500L.
Get it at The Secret Garden event:

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