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Petit Chat Playa Set

The Playa Set is a gacha from Petit Chat which consist of a set of necklaces which comes in 3 parts or if you are lucky, you can get the Triple Necklace which is a Rare item. There is also a pair of bracelets that is rare and is in the same theme as the Playa.

Here is Kitty with the Triple Necklace which you can clearly see the 3 parts separately.

A close up on the necklace, you can see the seashell (which can be changed to other colors, but Kitty like it red anyway) and beads as well as the metal.

And here is the rare bracelet which is designed with similar beads and it has its own HUD of course.

Feeling lucky? Try it at the Petit Chat booth gacha at The Chapter Four:

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