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Petit Chat Playa Anklets

The Playa Anklets are 2 pairs of Anklets which comes either with just sea shells or sea shells with alternative starfishes. This is in fact a free gift at The Chapter Four (with the group active).

Here you can see the white seashells only and the other leg is the mix starfishes and seashells version. Feel free to mix them as required because comes individuals as L and R, thish means your get a total of 4 pieces of item in total.

The HUD included allows you to make changes to the seashells and the metal and you can even tint the strings. See more information in the note card provided. The Starfishes will however, be happy in red though.

Get your free Playa Anklets at The Chapter Four as it celebrates the 5th Anniversary:

P.S. Checkout the Playa Jewelry set too!

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