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LR Niddhogr Sword

The LR Niddhogr Sword is a rather special set which consist of 8 pieces, which feature double sword or sword and shield configuration support most combat system in SL.

The swords can be comfortably kept on your thighs while the shield sits on your back if you decide to use it. The long sword has a high detail sheath and it is so beautiful it is almost a collection item itself.

The back of the shield feature the Niddhogr, a pair of them actually and it is quite a piece of art as well. Kitty will be very mad if someone scratches it.

When drew, the long sword is rather deadly, giving it the reach and the pure swing of this heavy steel is sure to make head rolls. Literally. But there is always the shield as well should something big come along.

But if double sword is your thing, you can always ditch the shield for 2 swords. Now, we are talking business. It is chop and dice anytime with the Niddhogr Swords.

Approach the LR booth for a good discount on the Niddhogr Sword now at the We Love Roleplay event:

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