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LR Gacha Spata Shield

This is Spata... Well almost, but with plenty of cuteness from LR Weapons! There is a new gacha item in town at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival featuring 11 common, of which are 4 extra cute, 4 rare and 1 ultrarare which you can change the texture giving you some great variation of colors.

This is non other than the Super Rare! Too big, no worries, it comes with a HUD which you can resize and even change the colors!

Among the common are 4 rather unique design which is cute. This is one of Kitty's favorite, the Mouse! Surely it is so loaded with the power of cuteness that nobody will even think of attacking. Would you?

And this is not a mobile phone cover! No it isn't I swear!

The Fantasy Gacha is on, so remember to get the Spata Shield from LR:

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