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LR Gacha Odin Armor

The Odin Armor is a gacha from LR Weapons for the Fantasy Collective and it is a really godly piece of armor suitable for a warrior god or princess.

This is the golden set which consist of a helmet, eyepece, collar, bracers and leggings. Surprisingly most of the golden pieces are common items, so if you love it, this is your chance. The long staff however is a rare item. 

This could had called the silver set, by Kitty anyway, but it is actually the metal set, except the staff which Kitty chosen the wooden instead. Of course if you prefer you can mix the sets for various color and combinations.

Here is a front view of the armor and of the Odin Goddess Kitty of course. The armor did not cover the whole body of course, but feel free to add in any additional clothes if required. The great thing about the odin armor is that, I suppose it is gender neutral and even guys could put it on. Don't star too long though, of the staff may find a way to your eye and you will be needing a odin eyepiece soon.

The LR Odin Armor is available as a gacha at the Fantasy Collective:

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