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Bare Rose Wyrmparka Lady Mr

The Wyrmparka Lady from Bare Rose is a new release and it is one very interesting outfit that comes with 2 sets of hood which you can choose whether to out up the dragon head or hang it over your shoulder.

Actually, even the hood itself can be optional if you prefer. Kitty did not mind putting on just the outfit dress without the hood. It is black and comes with the thorns on the dress edges as well as the larges rings on the chest makes this a really bad ass looking outfit great for medieval roleplay and Halloween parties. 

The hood can be left on your back, when it is lowered, but the dragon head can be clearly seen and if you look hard enough, you will even notice that the eyes glows because there is an item for the eyes that makes it burns with fiery red. Trust me you do not want to mess with Kitty, hood on of off.

Put on the hood and Kitty looks like a really savage dragon slayer now. The dragon head is fierce looking and it has the same fiery fury in its eyes, but in the hooded position now. Ready to
 go into the foggy forest now and hunt down that monster with Kitty? Yes, you will need to get yourself the Wyrmparka Lady first.

Get the Wyrmparka Lady or other alternatives at Bare Rose Main Store:

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