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Bare Rose Mini Samurai Mr

The Mini Samurai from Bare Rose is an outfit that combines cute and honor together in an awesome outfit for girls of the Feudal Japanese era.

The Mini Samurai combines the traditional samurai armor together with a cute red dress into an outfit perfect for a samurai girl. There is even a sword throw in to complete the outfit!

Is it time to have a fantastic adventure with Samurai Girl Kitty?Looks like a good day today, especially in the Mini Samurai outfit, which is more mobile and less restrictive as compare to a full armor. Let's go!

Looks at the sky, the cloud are so beautiful! This Samurai Girl Kitty from the back view, showing the huge ribbon packed with cuteness on the Mini Samurai outfit. Let's watch the sunset together?

Get your Mini Samurai Armor and join Kitty at the sunset:

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