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AvaGirl Paris

The Paris Mesh Gown from AvaGirl is an exclusive release for the Dazzle event opening in 1st May and the theme is The Chick The Sexy, so expect the Paris gown to be the star of the show!

The Paris comes in 3 main components, the gown, which can be changed to the 4 colors using a HUD, the Lace Bracelet as well as the Neckfrill. This is the Black version of the gown, with a red Bracelet. Nobody said you must wear everything of the same color of course.

The Red Paris gown is equally stunning if not more because red if always the striking color that catch every view. I promise, all the heads will turn if you walk across the hall in the same fabulous dress as Kitty now. In this picture you can notice the Neckfrill very clearly as well and it is something that is very unique to the Paris gown indeed.

Out of the four colors available, the Blue Paris is one of the more unique as not many gown comes in Blue, especially not a shiny dark one. Notice how silky the gown is and how the light simply glides along it. Did you notice the Neckfrill is in black and the bracelet is in red. You are free to mix them to your preference! 

Get the Paris and check out other promotion from AvaGirl at the Dazzle event:

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