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Ashmoot Babydool Dress

The Babydoll dress from Ashmoot is a silky little dress which is comfortable and in Kitty's opinion a perfect piece of sleep ware.

Whether it is tea time or just a lazy afternoon reading a book, the Babydoll is both cute and relaxing to be in, with no worries for formality and time to let your hair down. The red roses pattern nicely fitting into the cup and silky fabric on your belly, this is what live to wear means!

Of course, if you feel like being sexy, the Babydoll is the perfect piece to be in, as kitty can imagine it being a great piece of bedroom wear. It comes with various sizes and for various mesh body, you will surely find it fitting for your great body!

The Babydoll Kitty tried here is only of of the 8 design, but is on sale at the Dazzle event:

Alternative, check out the other Babydolls at Ashmoot Main Store:

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