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Unique Silk Fantasy

The Silk Fantasy from Unique comes in 3 bright colors : Teal, Gold and Red and they are available at the Dazzle event!

Kitty can't wait to try out Red because it is one of her favorite color and look who's the prettiest girl at the party? The dress fits Maitreya which is what Kitty is wearing now and you can feel the smooth silky flow of the material as Kitty is jumping in joy. Wait, hasn't Kitty just had her birthday in January? Oops, busted. :P

Let me present the... No, its not the coffee shop! Kitty just happened to be here. But it is so bright you must have notice the Gold ~ Shiny ~ Silky and it looks very expensive (but it is not really) Silk Fantasy dress from Unique. The good thing is that is looks grand, but still great and comfortable to go for a cup of coffee. Enough starring... Are you going to order or not? Of course you are paying! 

Teal is a cool color and Kitty love to be in a cool dress at the pool even if she is not swimming. The Silk Fantasy is kind of waterproof in fact and it is a nice feeling to be relaxing at the pool, enjoying the breeze for once, not in a tight swimsuit. 

Get your fantasy realized at the Dazzle event :

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