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Petit Chat Fannette Sun Hat

The Fannette Sun Hat is another new hat from Petit Chat that is so cute with all the flowers and petals over it.

There are several parts that HUD allows you to change and you can definitely make it into any fancy colors that you like. So, Kitty is going to try something crazy, but it probably will still looks very cheerful...

Pink and Red will never go wrong with the Fannette Sun Hat especially in the nice bloom of the cherry trees. I bet you cannot tell the real petals from the one on the hat!

The Fannette Hat feels like a large flower on its own and you can make small changes to it such as the little petals on the rows of flower, yellow perhaps? They look really cute like little sun flowers standing in line for a cheerful dance.

Come get your very own Fannette Sun Hat at the Petit Chat Main Store:

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