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Mani Pedi Dreamscapez

Dreamscapez from Mani Pedi is an exclusive nail polish for Maitreya, Slink and Omega mesh hands and it comes in 6 dreamy palettes that feels like it just walked out of a fantasy movie. Mani Pedi is also one of the invited guest designer for the Dazzle event.

Kitty tries out the last option which has magenta at the center of the plasma flow of colors and it looks sparking even from apart. This makes the polish looks natural and despite the futuristic colors, it did not feel unnatural at all.

The bluish tone (second option from the left) is one of Kitty's favorite and what make this different from standard color of blue is that there is a flow of tones and colors instead of just a simple uniform blue. This make your nail a lot more interesting and it is perfect for more parties and occasions, especially if you do not mind some extra attention.

Here is a close up of the fourth option and it is a great mix of red and blue and purple. Well, it doesn't matter which color is dominating, as long as it look good right? This goes well with flashy colored dress and shoes. And who doesn't have some of those in red or pink? 

If different is what you are looking for, then the third option featuring yellow is perfect. I bet nobody else has anything similar, unless they had read this blog too and bought the exclusive Dreamscapez nail polish from the Dazzle event. But of course you can beat them to that. What are you waiting for?

Get those fancy colors on your fingertips with Dreamscapez at the Dazzle event:

As this is an exclusive item, you can only get this item from the Dazzle event now. However, Kitty did received inside information that the item can be purchase at Mani Pedi stores around the grid.

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