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LR Saxon Crossbow

It is another exciting month and another new dangerous weapon from LR. This month is an awesome crossbow, fit for hunting vampires, werewolves and other humans alike.

Meet Kitty the white huntress. With the trusted Saxon Crossbow safely secured to her back and a full pack of crossbow bolts, she is investigating a village haunted by some unknown forces...

A weird magical sign over the asylum certainly spells trouble. But it would be a lot safer when you have the Saxon Crossbow with you. With the quick draw by simply assigning a quick key to the "Draw Crossbow" action included in the package, Kitty is able to pull out the Saxon Crossword in 0.67 seconds. And she is going in...

Like most other LR weapons new release, the Saxon Crossbow comes with its own HUD which allow you to change both the color and the size of the crossbow. 

With the Saxon Crossbow drawn, it is light enough for most build and in face if Kitty can carry it with one hand, you should be able to. Kitty is wondering if she should have bought along a silver shield too... Just in case. But of course the free hand can help reload the crossbow much faster.

The quiver carrying the arrows bolts for the crossbow seats securely on the upper thigh of your leg and it is designed to stay firmly locked so thay you can do squads or make jumps without losing your ammo. Oh, did I mentioned that this is a magic quiver, the ammo never runs out (* unless the sims has some weird meter which limits you otherwise).

At We Love Roleplay event, you can get the Saxon Crossbow at 25% off now:

If you miss the event, you can always find this later at the LR Weapons Main Store:

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