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Ishara Black Angel

The Dazzle event in April's theme is fantasy and dream and it will never be complete without a angel outfit. But why just stop there. Who wants to be the goodie angel when you can be the Black Angel?

The Black Angel from Ishara is a sexy outfit which comes with a black halo, outfit in fishnet and leather as well as black feathered wings and not just one pair, but two. Just in case you feel like being a Seraphim someday as well. Kitty is showing you how majestic it is when both the wings are put on.

A close up will show you that the outfit is just a simple strip of leather covering whatever is necessary. This means that this is the ultimate sexy outfit to be in without actually going full frontal about it. Kitty is so going to win at those sexy parties with this outfit. Moreover, why bother to get an expensive mesh body when you are not going to show it... at some point of time? The leather suit can be easily taken off with the simple zip on the torso but lucky is is equally easy to put it on with support for Slink, Maitreya and other meshes.

Here is another close up on the Black Angel and did you notice that this is how it look when you only use one of the wings. So there are some flexibility depending on when and why you wanted to. Even the halo is optional as it is a detachable object from the outfit.

It's time to do bad things in the dark night with the Black Angel from Ishara and it is available from 1st April (and it is not an April joke!) at the Dazzle event:

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