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Flower Dreams Melinda

The Melinda from Flower Dreams comes in 5 fabulous colors and it is at the Dazzle event for April.

The Melinda comes with 5 flashy colors and it comes with nice fitmesh sizes as well as for various mesh bodies. This is the Turqoise version and feel like the blue in the sea of flowers. 

The Mint versions is mainly colored in green and it is a good choice if you are a natural lover.

The Magenta is likely one of Kitty's favorite color in this release and it is in a nice deep reddish tone. I guess that makes you the rose among the flowers anyway! 

Lilac is a little purple in looks but not as bright. It does give the dress a very seductive and matured feel though. Looks like it is a good match especially after a hot bath and it is time to let your hair down and relax!

The last color is the Coral which is reddish as well but not as bright as Magenta. There is also a nice silky bow on the waist and this comes with every single color of the Melinda. But it can be optional too!

Get your Melinda at the Dazzle event:

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