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Bare Rose Salolita

The Salolita is a new release from Bare Rose and Kitty here has the Mr version which is for the Maitreya body. The outfit comes in pink and red and everything from top to toe are included.

The pink Salolita is just too cute not to start with and it comes with matching high wool socks as well as black little shoes. The outer piece of the dress is buckled, almost like an apron and it has a tiny little heart on the chest, right where the helpful pocket is. I wonder if Kitty keeps her snacks there...

If you are feeling that today should be red, the Salolita in red is almost like little red riding hood, without the hood and not so little. The laces on the dress and sleeves are still white, but the outter piece, the socks and ribbons on the arms are also in matching red.

The high dress is cute and fun and here is a back view of the outfit and you can clearly see the strings of ribbon on the arm and the wrist here. There are also matching appliers for Maitreya and like other Mr products from Bare Rose, the AutoHide for Maitreya is just one wearing away.

And Kitty always love to mess around. Since the dress comes in a few pieces, nobody said you cannot mix and match them around. Look at this effect which kitty has some part of the dress in pink and the ribbons too! This looks like it has the best of both colors, right?

Get your own Salolita from Bare Rose and check out other versions too:

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