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Ashmoot Unicorn Fantasy at Dazzle

If you had read the previous post, you would have realized that all the items Kitty had tried out was from Ashmoot and in promotion at the Dazzle fair April. So Kitty is going to pick up a few of the items and piece them together to show you what cuteness overload means!

The tight dress features a pink hair unicorn in black and it is accompanied by the HK socks and heels both from Ashmoot. There are 2 versions of the high socks on sales, this one comes in black and pink alternatives, but the heels are in sweet pink. Kitty also put on the Bow & Beads necklace which also available at the Dazzle fair as well and last but not least, thje cute plushie Unicorn Peluche, which comes in a pack of fours for various positions.

Right here, Kitty has the other version of the HK Socks and Heels, which comes in pink high socks with a slightly different white heels. In addition, she had put on a nice hat with a pink bow, which is actually the ASmoot Unisex Bowler Hat. You can find all of it from the Dazzle boot has well.

And here is a close up shot where you can see the Bow & Beads necklace, in pure white as snow. There is also a full set of Cupid Wings & Bow on sale at Ashmoot booth and Kitty feel so angelic today with the starry light and cute unicorn around here.

All these is not just a drea! You can make it happen. Just drop by at the Ashmoot booth at Dazzle to check out the promotional items:

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