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AsHmOot S/S Coll Sack MDress Sky

The S/S Coll Sack MDress from Ashmoot is an exclusive item for the Dazzle event. It comes in a blue + gteen combinations of colors and it radiates with sense of cooling. Perfect for a day at the seaside!

Let's see Kitty in the Coll Sack Dress and you can feel the cool breeze just from the color itself even though it is the night time. The random cast of clouds on the dress just make you want to relax.

And here is a picture of the back of the dress. It just fits so perfectly without any modifications and it comes with support for all sort of mesh including Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Venus to name a few. The dress is named sky for a good reason and the cloud looks even better than those on the sky.

Remember this is an exclusive item for the Dazzle event, so get it now at:

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