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Bare Rose Kozato Mr

The Kozato Mr from Bare Rose is a new release that is a cross between a fairy and a oriental deity. The Mr version is for Maitreya and like other Mr outfit from Bare Rose, there is a AutoHide function where all you need to do is to wear that item and your Maitreya alpha will automatically hide  enough to make the outfit perfect.

The outfit feels very Chinese or Japanese and notice the hair here with the butterfly extension, that actually comes with the outfit. All you need is a matching black hair. Notice how natural it looks as if they are from the same piece.

The Fairy like wings is unique and it is hollow like a frame made from gold. Notice how the robes seems to fly in the wind, this is exactly the feel the outfit is made to be. What are these shiny lights, even the wisps of the forest are attracted to Kozato Kitty?

The long socks with a golden ribbon almost made it feel like it is part of a Christmas outfit, if you did not saw the rest of the Kozato, but the scandal is definitely something very oriental which you won't expect to see a Santa or Santarina wearing anytime soon. The outfit over feels like a fairy of the flowers with a purple rose on the belt and a skirt that feels like petals of a flower.

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