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Bare Rose Isabel C4SRMr

Its Saint Patrick's Day soon and everyone is into green now! The Isabel C4SRMr from Bare Rose is exactly the outfit for the festival!

The most prominent part of Isabel is perhaps the huge Shamrock which is almost like an umbrella and nobody say you cannot use it as an umbrella actually. The Isabel itself is a long dress fully made for the Mesh body, but you will find the parts for the non-mesh body as well inside the package.

The back view has something which is typical of Bare Rose's outfit and it is one of the greatest selling point. A huge ribbon! Who doesn't love a huge ribbon? Especially when this one is laced with golden threads which make the Isabel feel so noble

Here is a bonus picture of Kitty in the Isabel under the moonlight. Do you want to share the Shamrock of luck with Kitty?

You can find your luck today with the Isabel outfit at Bare Rose Main Store at only $190L:

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