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Bare Rose Harmin Mr

The Harmin from Bare Rose is the latest school uniform fashion release and it is a formal looking uniform which comes with some colors choices.

Black and red is always Kitty's favorite and the Harmin has exactly that. The black uniforms comes with tall socks, a long sleeved overcoat and a nice red tie on the top. Did you also notice the ribbon her hair? Yes, that is part of the outfit!

Even among the white little daisies, Kitty in black is still looking fun and good. I guess it won't be too good with hide and seek with the black now, but Kitty is sure enjoying a lazy weekend among the flowers.

The sleeves and stockings actually comes with a very detail pattern embroised onto it and it give the uniform a very royal feel. Here you can see the red tie in close details and even from the look, you can tell it is smooth like silk.

There are some variations of color that comes together with the outfit, such as white tie and white skirt. This definitely give the outfit some choices to be different for different occasions. The white skirt seems to be the best formal dress to be in for the afternoon tea. What? I looked like the waitress? No way!

Get your very own Harmin today at the Bare Rose Main Store:

Check out other version of the Harmin if you are not using Maitreya!

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